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Dave Hunter

dave3.jpegIndependent Contractor

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Hi there – I'm Dave, an independent contractor doing online counseling with Neuro Harmony, LLC. I most enjoy working with those of us who are struggling with trauma, ADD, BPD, NDE's (Near-Death Experiences), and who consider themselves "quirky" or "misfits." Often we are simply seeking validation - reassurance that we are not actually "crazy" - and have the curiosity, sense of humor and resilience needed to undertake the existential adventures of self-discovery and personal growth. Like most people, what we are basically seeking is contentment, and peace of mind.

Besides EMDR, DBT and CBT I use many adages and seed-planting questions in therapy, such as: "Just remember - EVERYONE is somebody else's weirdo", and "If nothing changes, how much more can you take before you've had enough?" I've found that the realizations my clients come to on their own carry far more weight than anything I could ever tell them.  I am currently in training to be able to become a psychedelic therapist as well.

In my experience the most vital component of successful counseling is NOT the training or background of the counselor so much as it is the heart-to-heart connection which is made between you and your provider. It doesn't matter how skilled, intelligent or professional your counselor is, if you don't “click” with them you're simply not going to get much out of your work together, no matter how hard you each try.  If you are considering giving therapy a try then I invite you to reach out, give me a test-drive, and see what you think - if it works for you, GREAT, let's keep going! But if for any reason it doesn't feel like the right fit for you then I will do everything I can to get you linked with whomever you click with best. Because in the end it's not as important to me that it's ME you're seeing, but that you are seeing SOMEBODY, are no longer suffering in silence, and that you're growing in the direction that YOU want.