Neuro Harmony, LLC
Licensed Clinical Counseling in Charleston, Illinois

dave c. hunter lcpC, NCC


Licensed Clinician and Independent Contractor for Neuro Harmony, LLC

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Dave is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and works as an independent contractor for Neuro Harmony, LLC. He happens to be a member of the very first group of such counselors to become licensed in Illinois. He has worked in the mental health field in a variety of capacities for the past 37 years and would have retired yesterday if he didn't love doing counseling so much.

He earned both his Bachelor's and Master's of Arts in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University (1979 and 1982 respectively), and returned there to teach for 13 years in their Health Studies Department while simultaneously running a busy private counseling practice in Charleston, IL.

Dave maintains an eclectic style of therapy, preferring a pragmatic ("use whatever WORKS") approach arrived at through individual collaboration with each client. Among his favorite tools are various cognitive, mindfulness and relaxation strategies, EMDR, DBT, and person-centered therapy. He specializes in the areas of trauma/PTSD, relationship issues, anxiety/mood disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, psychopharmacology, and near-death experiences. Many of Dave's clients enjoy his quirky humor and seem to appreciate his ability in helping them reframe their fears, worries and interpretations of problematic issues.