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Sage Rowley, MSW, LSW

Sage RowleyLicensed Social Worker

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I graduated with an MSW with a concentration in school social work from SIU-C School of Social Work in 2003. I later attended Eastern Illinois University, receiving my M.S.Ed. in educational leadership in 2019. I have been working with kindergarten through 12th-grade students throughout my 19-year career as a school social worker. In my clinical practice, I use a variety of interventions to help students on the autism spectrum and with anger/anxiety issues. Some of these interventions include the use of mindfulness, CBT, and strengths-based approaches. My primary mission is to empower students by teaching them positive self-regulation strategies they can use in a variety of social situations (school, home, etc.). I also believe in a holistic approach to mental health, with a major focus on the value of nutrition, exercise, and a structured sleep routine. In addition, my career has given me experience as a special education coordinator and a 504-accommodation plan coordinator within the school setting. With that said, I am happy to consult with parents on the special education process, which can be very intimidating. I believe in the importance of students having their needs addressed, so they can have the best possible educational and social experience in the school and classroom environments.