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Telehealth Options

Telehealth Options

Telehealth is a way of working with your therapist through an internet connection; but you will still see your therapist and your therapist will see you for your session. While there may be obstacles that might keep you from physically coming into the office especially during this time of Corona Virus, we can still meet with you through telehealth. At Neuro Harmony, our therapists Sarah Malak and Alexis Dearing, have even evolved to be able to use "play therapy" via telehealth. Your child's therapist will contact you with how that might work with you and your child and how you might be a participant during your child's therapy session.


How does telehealth work? Your clinician will send you an email link that you use to connect with them either on your phone, on an Ipad, on the computer or on a laptop. Your telehealth session will be as confidential as if you were in the Neuro Harmony office with your therapist. This way of connecting still allows you to meet with your therapist "virtually" at the same time as your usual session would be scheduled. A telehealth session will last the same amount of time, about 53 minutes. Your therapist will help you to get connected online with them and feel safe and comfortable during your session that it is a confidential way of having a session.

Does my insurance cover telehealth?  Because of the CoVid pandemic, insurance has changed many obstacles to billing for telehealth. March 19, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued an Executive Order  expanding telehealth services across the state as part of the continued effort to mitigate the CoVid19 crisis. Most insurances now cover telehealth services by any form even by telephone. Billing for telehealth is simple; we will bill your insurance just as if you were in our office having a session. You pay your normal copay or coinsurance for your session.

Is telehealth confidential? Neuro Harmony uses a HIPAA compliant platform that is confidential and approved by insurances. However, keep in mind that insurance has loosened their requirements for getting therapy to our clients. Neuro Harmony therapists will still contact you via email or phone to make sure you can get connected with our HIPAA compliant software. It will be easier than ever to have a session with your therapist.

Please see our Telehealth FAQ's link for many questions and answers.  If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at [Please enable javascript.].