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Licensed Clinical Counseling in Charleston, Illinois
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We are happy you found us!!!

Hurricane Ian


Hurricane Ian has left a trail of damage across Florida and is heading up the East Coast. Please keep those in the path of this powerful storm in your thoughts! Send them all the positive juju!






Happy Birthday, Miss Sophie! 

This sweet girl turns 15 today (September 13), which is about 105 in Human years... and she is still working! Talk about dedication!!! 

Merely being with you brings us all the happiness in the world!!! Happy birthday to the one of the most phenomenal therapy dogs and friends in the whole wide world! You are loved and adored by all of us! Have a Doggone good day! 


Your Neuro Harmony Pack 


Sophie has a fan!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to kindergarten student named Alice helped Pam and Lisa pick out a special toy for her today!

Sophie wants to share pics of her Pup-pie and other gifts with you all! (coming soon)

15 Today!!!






We want to take a moment to pause and reflect. September 11, 2001 was a day the world stood still. The United States was attacked and many lives were lost. 21 years have passed, yet the memories and wounds from that day are raw as ever. We never want to forget those lost that day. This Patriot day, we honor our fallen heroes and their surviving family members. NEVER FORGET 9/11.


Neuro Harmony at 1836 Victoria Lane, Charleston, IL will be OPEN on Columbus Day, Monday, October 10, 2022.
                                             Give us a call for a face to face session or a Telehealth session.



"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Old Chinese Proverb


At Neuro Harmony, we know how scary that first step can be, and we want you to know that you don't have to begin alone!



Today you are one step closer to a "new you" where you will feel empowered and on a path toward wellness of mind and body, and a healthy life-balance in your marriage and other relationships at home, work, school, or elsewhere.



Neuro Harmony is a unique clinical counseling practice in Charleston, IL. Our staff are highly skilled and specialized clinicians who will work with you or your family members.

We utilize proven and effective treatments in the areas of EMDR & Trauma Therapy, Play Therapy for children, DBT, CBT, Marriage, Couples, or Relationship Therapy and other cognitive and behavioral therapies.


Neuro Harmony is a Safe place... For everyone!


Our clinicians are licensed and credentialed with specialized skills to work with all ages. We look forward to helping you live a life full of hope, promise and fulfillment!

We have another new website coming soon, keep watching for it!