Neuro Harmony, LLC
Licensed Clinical Counseling in Charleston, Illinois
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just Find you!

Our latest commercial regarding CoVid19 and our telehealth services.

Today you are one step                                                                           2018-2019                                                    
clIMG_9180.jpgoser to a "new you" where you will feel empowered and on a path toward wellness of mind and body, and a healthy life-balance in your marriage and other relationships at home, work, school or elsewhere.

Neuro Harmony is a unique clinical counseling practice in Charleston, IL. Our staff and independent contractors are highly skilled and specialized clinicians who will work   with you or your family members. We utilize proven and effective treatments in the areas of EMDR & Trauma Therapy, Play Therapy for children, DBT, CBT, Marriage, Couples, or Relationship Therapy and other cognitive and behavioral therapies.

Our clinicians are licensed and credentialed with specialized skills to work with all age groups. We look forward to helping you live a life full of hope, promise and fulfillment!