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Never giving up

Mar 3, 2023

Can't stop.

Won't stop.

Real success does not happen in the blink of an eye. You can't just wish to accomplish something and expect that it will be given to you quickly.

Real success comes with pain, winning over trials, overcoming obstacles, and persevering despite various failures.

Today's most successful people have shown to us how determination and belief in ourselves can lead us to massive success. We should never develop an 'I give up' attitude.

What Happens When You Develop a Never Give Up Attitude?

There are rewards we can achieve when we decide not to give up amid our journey to success. Here are ten reasons why you should adopt a never-give-up attitude:

  1. You will eliminate your fears. Significant things such as job promotion, graduation, a new house, relationships, and overcoming pains are defining moments of your perseverance and efforts. All these are the results of yourself who chose to continue reaching for the goals instead of stopping and giving up. A never give up attitude can be used to abolish doubts and negative thinking to make you stronger in facing everything.

    Your success was the sweetest when you realized what you came through and what tough times have you defeated before you reach those goals. It's all about the attitude that aids in commencing a battle. It's about the way you continue that battle with the faith of winning in life.
  2. New opportunities for creativity will open for you. Some of us are raised in this world with the belief of conforming with the rules of society. Because of that, our mindset is also allowed with limited capabilities. Instead of thinking about how to be creative and abundantly, we then begin to live with limited skills and dreams.

    When we have a never give up attitude, we then start to see our real life's worth and dare ourselves to do unlimited things. We explore our talents and showcase our capabilities to create better things for ourselves and the whole society. We begin discovering the importance of creativity, and how being creative helps you find better opportunities and fresh, new perspectives in life.
  3. You dare to try things other people are afraid to do. When you choose never to give up, you will be taught how to put efforts on all fields of life, be it in sports, hobbies, physical health, or overall well-being. Because of that, you will be motivated to aim for more significant results of your actions towards your dreams. You will take risks of doing the things others are afraid of.

    That makes you have an edge from others. You will have that high spirit and an attitude of being hungry for opportunity. You choose to become strong instead of focusing on your weak attitudes.
  4. Your desire will be ignited. What makes us dream and start taking actions in our life? We desire to achieve something and become a person we always dream to be. As the famous author, Napoleon Hill stated, "Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire, which transcends everything."

    The common problem for some people nowadays is that they lack the motivation and drive to push themselves to the risky paths of success. We need to have our desire to be continuously ignited. We all have dreams and goals we want to realize and achieve. We should keep moving and keep ourselves motivated – from start to finish.
  5. Your emotional intelligence is improved. One primary key to make things work out successfully is your emotional intelligence. It is the ability to be aware of, express, and control your emotions.  There are times when we gave our 100% effort, but still, the goals we plan to achieve didn't go well as we expected.

    We fail, and we may fail again. It is fine that we lose sometimes. Think this matter as a normal part of any process. What's important is how you learn from such loss, and you will use the lessons learned from those failures. When you can effectively handle your emotions in times like that, you can control the damage and become more efficient in all kinds of situations.
  6. You will believe that anything you can perceive is possible. What is good in believing that anything is possible is that you will have the energy to power up yourself to take action. When you know that you will capable, you will overcome the things that may hinder your efforts. Often, the measure of success is on the between of your perception and getting out of your comfort zone. It's your will to take actions. Of course, the only answer to that is never to give up.
  7. You become prepared for everything. We must put in mind that in every endeavor we have, we need to prepare ourselves for failure. Fear of other people's expectation will make you afraid of taking risks. Be bold and fearless. The more you become ready for everything, the stronger you become and fight harder for your dreams. Because on the contrary, if you give up on the midst of your struggle, then you will not be successful.
  8. You develop effective work ethics. Your willingness to do anything for your goals will be your armor from failures. You become more motivated to persevere; thus, you give more value to the work you are doing. You will embrace the fact that there will always be a way to get things done. You learn how to prioritize the things that need to be accomplished first.
  9. Never Giving Up Leads You to Happiness. When we achieve success, we feel in our heart how happy we are because all our efforts have paid off. We celebrate with joy because we defeated all the difficult challenges. When we decide not to give up, we can enjoy our life more because there is happiness in success and contentment.
  10. You Learn Something New. We learn a lot when we keep going and decide not to give up. We can learn that there are hidden strength and potentials within us. We learn how to keep ourselves motivated. More importantly, we decide not to give up, and we learn how we can effectively convert our failures to success. We become an inspiration to others, and we become capable of doing greater things in the future.

Remember this: it may be challenging to start with your dreams and plans, and it may get harder as you work on your journey to achieve success. You may lose the drive and motivation in the journey, and you may think of giving up already. What you need to do is think the reason why you decided to get it started in the first place. Who will benefit from this? How significant is it for you, and why you should do this? The reason why you started and what is the significance of doing it will make you persevere and will not give up – you just have to believe!

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