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about "Neuro Notes"

This is a blog dedicated to improving our life balance and reducing your struggles. Life is hard enough without experiencing anxiety, anger, grief and the ensuing depressive symptoms that can go along with it. We can reach out to discuss our symptoms and how we are dealing with these clinical issues from day to day. We can find solutions, resolution and support from our friends, colleagues, clinical material and from us at Neuro Harmony LLC. At Neuro Harmony LLC, we work with individuals every day that need help, guidance, support, solutions to real world problems. You will be able to reach out to licensed, board certified, clinical professionals who are willing to help you through these issues. We have a "get real" approach to what matters, and that is "you".

Here we can verbalize our struggles with anxiety depression, anger, grief or similar issues that tend to unbalance our lives. Here we can find help.

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