Neuro Harmony, LLC
Licensed Clinical Counseling in Charleston, Illinois

Seeking Qualified Licensed Therapists for adults and children.

New Clients

lobby.jpgIf you're a new client, please review our general FAQ's and other details in the "Client Info" menu.

Before arriving for your first therapy session, we will send you a link so that you can fill out the Client Intake forms directly from your phone or computer. You will not need to print any paper forms. Once you have completed the forms online, we will will confirm your appointment time and date.

There are two forms that are optional.
1. If you would like for us to coordinate care with another provider, you will need to fill out the Release Protected Health Info. (Otherwise you will not need this form).

2. If you are an adult (18+), you will not need to complete the Child Therapy Contract. However, if your child is the client, you will need to complete the form.