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Neuro Harmony is owned by Pam R. Miller and Lisa M. Rankin who is also a veteran of the armed services. Our staff and independent contractors are from our local area and enjoy working with and serving the mental health needs of our community.

Neuro Harmony opened its doors on January 1, 2010 and has been training, consulting and counseling since our opening. Our earliest clients saw us at our original location on West Lincoln Avenue. Due to rapid growth and increasing need, we expanded our staff and independent contractors to better serve the needs of our community. In November 2016, we purchased and renovated our new building at 1836 Victoria Lane, Charleston. We moved into our new location January 7, 2017 and thanks to the welcoming community, we expect to have many more years here.

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Halloween 2022

So, We did a thing this year for Trick Or Treat... We passed out candy! We didn't make it very long into the evening due to the weather, but in the time we were out, we saw near 80 Kiddos! Not bad for our first go...

We will be better prepared next year!

Thanks for coming out!

~Julie & Chuck~


It's Chilly, but let's Roll!