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The Child & Teen Annex is located at 735 18th St, charleston, IL 61920

Jul 6, 2023

Neuro Harmony, LLC is excited to introduce our new annex designed specifically for children and teens.

A carpeted room with shelves full of books and toys A brick building with a handicap-accessible porch and a large parking lot A carpeted room with shelves full of books and toys A brick building with a handicap-accessible porch and a sign for child and teen counseling A carpeted room with board games A carpeted room with shelves full of books and toys A couple bright yellow chairs in a colorful room A carpeted room with board games A therapy tray of sand on a table in a room with toys A large teddy bear sitting on a chair in a room with toys

"The Annex" features three therapy rooms:

  1. Child play therapy room
  2. Sand tray therapy room with a small play area
  3. Teen therapy room

In the child play therapy room, children have opportunities to explore real life experiences, develop self-control, express their needs symbolically (without any need for verbalization since play is their primary language), learn a wide range of feelings, and grow in insight and self-understanding, all in the context of a therapeutic relationship with a trained therapist. Toys are selected intentionally to provide a safe and therapeutic setting.

Using the sand tray in counseling is a creative technique where a person expresses their understanding of themselves, their world, and aspects of their reality through figurines or miniatures. The scenes created in a sand tray reflect the child or teen's past and present inner thoughts, feelings, and struggles. The sand tray therapy room provides a place for this expression within a safe environment with a trained therapist.

Our teen therapy room is designed for older children and teens to offer them a space that allows them to navigate the challenges of adolescence while fostering personal growth and self-discovery. The room is equipped with art supplies, therapeutic games and activities to build skills, and of course a trained therapist.

These new rooms serve a profound purpose! They are carefully designed to create a nurturing environment where children and teenagers can develop important skills, express themselves freely, and build resilience. The Neuro Harmony Annex is a place where healing, growth, and self-discovery are given the space they deserve. So, whether you're a parent looking for help for your child, or a teenager seeking support and understanding, we invite you to visit our new Annex at Neuro Harmony. Together, let's create a community where every child and teenager can thrive and reach their full potential!

Contact us to learn more about our new services in The Annex. We can't wait to embark on this incredible journey with you!

The Annex Staff

Amy Overmeyer
Director: Amy Overmyer
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Jake Pearson

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