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Suri Pearl

Suri Pearl (Dog)#2 Therapy Dog!

Suri is a full blooded Bichon. She just had her one-year-old birthday in December 2022. She is only beginning to work with our clients at Neuro Harmony. She is not trained well enough yet to not smother everyone with puppy kisses instead of providing therapy. Let's face it sometimes being smothered with "puppy kisses" is therapy!  Suri loves playing fetch and learning new tricks. She can sit, down, twirl, roll over and shake. However, she is still working on "STAY"! Right now she specializes in chewing bones and finding the squeaker in her toys. She is full of energy and loves to chase other dogs or squirrels. We really have a lot of work to do with her before she can work with our clients.

When she is ready she too will work with kids and adults who have depression, trauma, and anxiety or just need some extra care. 

You can reach her at 1836 Bark Lane, Kennel #2 in Charleston, IL.