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Sara Kirkpatrick, MSW, LSW

Sara KirkpatrickChild & Teen Therapist

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I am a graduate level therapist with a Master of Social Work degree from Aurora University. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology from Eastern Illinois University. I have 16 years of experience working with individuals and families in healthcare and childcare. I have past experience in hospitals, memory care facilities, nursing homes, in-home health, public schools, and childcare, with birthing and postpartum families, and working with SASS clients doing crisis counseling and assessments. I feel comfortable working with people with depression, attachment and relationship struggles, past trauma, chronic medical conditions, PMADS, high stress, parenting challenges, those that are Autistic or have ADHD, and those working on self-growth.

I prefer a client-centered approach. I believe in respect, dignity, informed consent, and self-determination. I feel psychoeducation and healthy human relationships are an important part of the healing journey. I have additional training in mindfulness, expressive arts, therapeutic play, trauma, Autism, education, child development, ADHD, attachment, substance use, telehealth, and yoga therapy. I have taken classes in the social work program in school social work, special education, and reading methods. These courses included 504s, IEPs, MTSS, RTI, PBIS, and social emotional learning. I feel I will be able to support families trying to navigate the public school system that need more help to thrive in it with appropriate accommodations on their healing journey. I am body positive. I am trauma informed. I am neurodiversity affirming. I am supportive of LGBTQIA and poly individuals, couples, and families. I value diversity. I try to balance using evidence-based practices with listening to the voices of those with lived experience.