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Bea Sawyer, MHP, LPC (Pending)

Bea Sawyer

Mental Health Professional

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Bea is a mental health professional passionate about helping children, teens, and their families navigate unexpected challenges. Childhood and adolescence can be a rewarding and positive experience for caregivers and their children with the right professional support, tools, and devotion. Bea is skilled at helping individuals improve their coping skills, reframing challenges with a growth mindset, promoting positive relationships and providing tools for children and parents as they navigate the growing years.

Bea received her Master of Science with dual licensure in both Clinical and School Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. She has over 20 years of combined experience working with children, teens and their families in a school, home, or private practice. Bea is a professional with real-world experience passionate about helping others work through their challenges to visualize and reach their true potential. She adapts various modalities including the person-centered approach, with dialectical behavioral therapy as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy to assist the individual's awareness of language and thought as it affects their reality. She applauds uniqueness in every individual as well as team building within a group based on individual strengths and quality therapy paired with outstanding communication. Experienced in advocating for clients in LGBTQ+ awareness, Safe Zone, Gender Identity, Career counseling, Holland Code, Grief Counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Divorce, Trauma, Self-Efficacy and Social Emotional Learning. Experience working with a variety of clients ages and abilities from infants, through elementary, all the way to seniors in high school, as well as adults and senior citizens. Her goal-oriented approach guides and directs individuals' inner passions into a tangible education plan and career awareness. Familiar with various academic guidance services and student counseling processes and can assist families with bridging the gap between school issues and home. A passion for expressive therapies including music, art, play, drama, writing, and sand tray that allow the young child, adolescent, adult, and senior citizen to lead and express themselves through non-traditional therapy. She works from a variety of theoretical perspectives and collaborates with other professionals to provide the best care for children and teens.

I believe each of us has resilience within that is waiting to be uncovered or encouraged to emerge. Like a chrysalis, everyone will break free in their own time. A counselor's calling is to coach them toward the light, not to break the cocoon. It is in the work and the struggle that they gain strength enough for the journey that awaits. When we do not give into the darkness but instead allow our wings to break open that which tries to hold us back, we will emerge towards the light with a new strength to fly.

Beyond Bea’s clinical practice, she is an Illinois native, having lived in Nashville TN for over fifteen years, and Indiana for four, she now resides here in her hometown. She spends her time adventuring to new places, parks, Zoos, and museums with her daughter and enjoys traveling, attending music concerts and the theatre. She fills up her spare time expressing herself through music by singing or writing songs on the piano.