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paying it forward

Nov 16, 2022


A lot of us have found ourselves in situations in life where we find ourselves needing a hand up. Sometimes when this happens we have no way of repaying those who stepped in and picked us up. So what, then, should we do?

The answer is in helping out the next person. PAY IT FORWARD!

By paying it forward, you can make quite an important difference in this world. Not only will you brighten another person’s mood, but you will also set a chain reaction in motion. If you pay it forward to three people, who again pay it forward to three others themselves, the entire planet could be transformed. Affecting change doesn’t take much. You don’t have to be rich, powerful or influential.

The cool thing here to remember is that you don't even need to know the person you are helping out/doing good for!

Doing a good deed to an unsuspecting stranger is a beautifully selfless act. Not only will it remind them that this world is full of selflessness, generosity, and kindness. It will also encourage the benefactor to be kinder and more compassionate to others.


You don't need much to do this... just remember these few items:

  • Look out for the opportunities. Life will provide you with numerous opportunities to pay it forward. You only have to be attentive.
  • Be willing to help complete strangers. There may not always be an opportunity to do your family or friends a good deed. But you can always help those who are in need, even if they are complete strangers.
  • Give freely without expecting anything in return. Many people will ask you how they can reimburse you for your kindness. You can introduce these people to the idea of paying it forward. Tell them that you don’t expect anything in return, but that you would greatly appreciate it if they could pay the good deed forward.
  • Even small acts count. It doesn’t matter so much how much you give. All that matters is that you are willing to give and to spread the word.

The more you do it, the better you might feel yourself, too.

You might not change the entire world, but for one person, you could change theirs. 

Much Love.

Chuck and the Neuro Harmony Team

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