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What do you bring to the table?

Oct 1, 2022

Hello all! I hope this finds you well...

This past week has been rather trying for me personally. I was involved in a car accident on Wednesday. I spent the better part of the day in the ER at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, IN. For those who don't know, I have been fighting a major health battle for the past 6 years. At times, it causes me to lose consciousness.This time, I experienced this while driving. I blacked out, and the next thing I remember is that I had been hit by another car, spun around and facing the wrong way on a side street. The lady who hit me, fled the scene (She had a child in her back seat, so, I hope everyone was okay) and there was never an official police report made, as the THPD never came, even after 911 was called by witnesses. My car has minor damage, and I wasn't hurt to the point where I needed to be kept for observation or worse. I have a case of whiplash, and this has just added to my daily struggles. My doctors have recommended I stop driving for the immediate future. Not ideal, but, I understand it. (That said, I will be doing only telehealth or phone call therapy for the next few weeks.I will be reaching out to all my clients individually in the next day or so.)


So where am I going with this?

Short answer... No matter how bad things may be for you... you still have value to others. Even if you can't (or won't) see it. YOU MATTER. You have purpose. Someone's life is better because you exist. Never discount your worth if someone else doesn't see it. I owe a lot to a guy named Dakota from that day. He went ABOVE and Beyond to make sure I was okay.

So what do you bring to the table?

Much more than you realize!

Believe that!

Head up! Fight on!


Much Love!

Chuck and the Neuro Harmony team

Journey on, my friends.




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