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Suicide. Touchy subject...

Oct 26, 2022



So, if you know me at all, you know I do my best to avoid uncomfortable situations, but today, I feel compelled to talk about a final chapter for some... Suicide.

Taking one's own life. There are very strong feelings about this on both sides, and to be very honest I see valid points on both ends of the spectrum here.

This year alone, I have had 3 friends pass from a drug overdose, all listed as suicide as the cause of death. It's not easy for those who get "left behind" to deal with the loss of loved one, especially when you wonder if there is something more you could have said or done to prevent it.

Truth be told, I have personally had 4 attempts on my own life. I am not proud to say that, but it is truth.

I personally don't think those who do succeed wanted to die. I think they just wanted the pain and torment in their minds, bodies and souls to end.



All I know for sure is that everyone is fighting a battle of some sort that most know nothing about. Be kind. Check on your family and friends, often... especially the "happy ones". Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian) took his own life, and if you look back on his life, he always seemed so happy, and he did so many great things for others. You just don't know what kind of demons people are fighting against on the daily. 

If you need help, or need someone to talk to, call or text the suicide hotline!  988

At Neuro Harmony, We are also here and want to help you to work through your negative thoughts.


YOU have value. YOUR feelings are valid! Fight...keep fighting. You are needed here!


Much Love!

Journey on, my friends...

Chuck and the Neuro Harmony Team

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