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Seven Steps to Freedom From Stress

Oct 12, 2022


We all deal with stress everyday on one level or another.

Some things are easier to overcome than others,and some stress is actually good. Overall, though Stress is hard on the mind, body and soul.


So let's look at the Acronym: F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

This will give you something to think on while in a stressful situation!

F: Focus! -- Pay attention to body signals. Clear your mind, and focus on ONE thought that brings you peace.

R: Recognize Triggers! (I touched on this last week, and said it would pop up again). -- Teach your brain to know the difference between a true emergency and a minor inconvenience.

E: Emotional Self-Check! -- Identify reactive emotions (Anger, Fear, Sadness) and balance them with main emotions (Calmness and confidence).

E: Evaluate Thoughts! -- Learning to overcome reactive thoughts/emotions and replacing them with main ones that represent what you believe in.

D: Define Goals! -- (Possibly the greatest thing a human can do for themselves in this life) -- Restore Hope by tapping into your goals that your true values, rather than just a quick fix.

O: Options! There are always options. Look hard and find the best one for you in the current situation that will allow you to not compromise your true self.

M: Making a contribution! -- Recognize how YOU make the world a better place when you are in control of your thought processes!!!



Freedom from Stress isn't always going to be possible, but when you actively pursue it, you will find you have more control in things than you once believed you ever could have had. 


That's it for now. I hope that this was useful to you on some level!

Much Love.

Chuck and the Neuro Harmony Staff

Journey on, My friends.


**Special thanks to Advanced Trauma Solutions for information used in the proceeding blog.**


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