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Social Media and mental well being

Sep 11, 2022


If you are somehow not aware, the year is 2022.


A lot of us (myself included) live a significant portion of our lives online for the world to see. Since its launch in October 2003, Facebook (then known as FaceMash) has taken over, and ultimately been the golden standard for online communities.

Its platform reaches almost all levels of society today, FB currently has over 2.93 BILLION active users. Yes, Billion with a B. That is mind blowing!!! While this is not necessarily a bad thing for most people, there are some who are suffering more because of social media.



So, how to overcome it?

The answer seems black and white, right?!?!?

Just walk away?

In the digital age, that is not so simple. So, then, setting personal social media boundaries for ourselves might be logical.

You might have the same look on your face right now that a friend of mine did last week when I had suggested this exact same thing to him... followed by a "Um, Chuck? How do I do that?"

As with anything, realize these truths:

Too much of a good thing is never good.


Anything can be addictive or unhealthy. For some people, social media use reaches a level where it has many of the characteristics of addiction to the point that users are mentally preoccupied with it—they forego other life experiences to use it. You might find yourself in a comparison trap. By trying to be bigger and better "keeping up with the Jones's".

Here are a few suggestions for you to maybe gain a little of your mindfulness back:

  1. Screen Free Sunday. Self-explanatory. Stay off your phone, tablet, or laptops (except for emergencies).
  2. When you are with a friend, loved one, or colleague, turn the screen off or turn it where you cannot see/hear it. Be present where you are. (I STRUGGLE here hardcore.)
  3. Don't answer email from your phone. Wait until you are at a desk or office setting.
  4. Set App limits ----

These instructions are for the iPhone specifically, but I am sure Android is similar. These features allow you to limit the time you spend on specified apps (social media, email, etc.) and you are notified when your limit is up.

Go to: Settings > Screen Time > “Down Time” and “App Limits”

I've My social media apps set to 2.5 hours. This little trick saves me from the mindless scrolling.

My down time is scheduled from 10 PM to 7 AM. You can still technically use your phone, but you get a reminder notification that it is down time to help keep yourself accountable

  1. Do a purge!!! Unfollow accounts that do not provide anything positive, encouraging, or inspirational. Social media is a place for community, not a place to make you feel bad about yourself or business.

And if you cannot unfollow (Maybe, it’s someone you know personally, and it would be uncomfortable), then you can also just mute the account, so you are simply not seeing his/her/their posts.

That is all I have for today. Just trying to help you find ways to make life "better" for yourself along the way.

Much love.

Chuck and the Neuro Harmony team

As always, Journey on my friends.

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