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Happy 2023... let's make some POSITIVE changes...

Jan 2

Hello,and Welcome to 2023, and Neuro Harmony's Blog.

Today is a good day to assess our maladaptive, destructive and self-medicating ways.

Everyone has something. A not so good way of coping with life's stress. It could be addiction. I could be spending money you don't have on things. It could be self sabotage in relationships... whatever it might be.

So how do we fix these things, and not allow bad patterns to continue?

We must first admit we have a problem. Secondly, we have to identify why we do what we do. Third, we get a game plan together to address the problem(s). Finally, we execute the plan.


Addiction can take on many forms, Alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual addiction, hording, over-spending. Just the tip of the iceberg.

Positive ways to overcome addiction:

Get a hobby.

Get into therapy/counseling.


Spend more time with friends/family.

Go for a long drive.

Listen to your favorite music.

Learn a new skill.


No matter how you do it, do something! You will slip up, as none of us is perfect... the key is getting back on track... never quit! Remember, a bad day doesn't equal a bad life.




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