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becoming One's Authentic self

Nov 30, 2022

3 in the morning, and I'm wide awake... So I sat down at the computer to attempt to catch up on emails, social media and to take a quick check of the forecast. Since I have been Chronically ill over the past 7 years, I have had a very screwed up sleeping pattern.

When it's so quiet and I can't sleep, my mind fills with thoughts. Could have, Would have, Should have all show up. Depression and anxiety are usually on their way right behind this car full of unwanted mind guests.

So, yeah, let me be very clear...most people in this world, including therapists and healthcare workers struggle too... JUST LIKE YOU!

We are all human, and life is full of hard times. If there is any one thing I can share with you, it would be this: In my almost 45 years on Earth, I am still learning and evolving. 

So let's talk about that.


Self authenticity.
Featured snippet from the Google:
Authentic self means:
Being your true authentic self means what you say in life aligns with what your actions. Your authentic self goes beyond what you do for a living, what possessions you own, or who you are to someone (mom, brother, girlfriend). It is who you are at your deepest core.
Do you know who you are? I mean, truly? Are you honest with yourself or do you lie to yourself to make you believe you are something you really aren't? Are you trying to conform to society and who "they" say you are?
Here are 7 steps to take to being who you truly are:
1. Take a personal inventory of your thoughts and emotions.
2. Be present in the moment.
3. Build a small, yet strong support team who will keep you in check if you are/aren't doing as you should.
4. Speak YOUR truth with authority.
5. Take daily steps to authenticity by planning and setting goals.
6. Take a step back for perspective. Be open to change and willing to admit you haven't been honest with yourself.
7. Recognize internal versus external influences, Internal being dreams and goals, External being money, status, recognition, or expectations from other people

If you are ready to start this journey of being, and need help, Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our highly skilled Counselors. 217-508-8080.
Much Love.
Chuck and the Neuro Harmony Team.
Journey on, my friends!

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