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CoVid19 Safety and Precautions

Mar 15, 2020

What is Neuro Harmony doing to minimize the risk of getting CoVid19?

  1. Neuro Harmony precautions:
    1. Because we are technologically advanced, we have the option to see our clients in the safety of their homes via telehealth. Any client who would like to stay in their home and still have their session will need to contact the office or their therapist to request a telehealth session. Our telehealth is HIPAA compliant and totally confidential. Telehealth can be over the phone, using an IPad or a laptop or computer.  We realize that some of our clients may not have access to an internet or wifi connection. With that, we will meet with you in person and use the "social distancing" of staying 6ft from each other in order to facilitate your session.
    2. We are bleaching doorknobs, desks, chairs, flat surfaces etc. and trying to eliminate germs as much as possible.
    3. We are asking all staff and every client to use hand sanitizer or proper personal hygiene when coming into the building and upon exiting.
    4. We are asking our child clients that use the children's therapy room to wash hands before and after using any therapy toys etc. We will be sanitizing all therapy tools or toys after a child or staff handles them.
    5. Along with our news and the media, we are educating ourselves as much as possible regarding CoVid19 and how to minimize the risk to our staff and clients.
    6. We are not going to panic, we want to take this one day at a time and each week we will consider what we need to do to make changes and fluidly make those changes without causing panic to our staff and clients.
    7. For now, we are still going to have in-person sessions and we will use telehealth as needed.
    8. Please contact the CDC and WHO for accurate news and information regarding this pandemic.