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Neuro Harmony is looking for a BILLING MANAGER!!

Lots of benefits that will be discussed at the interview sessions.

Billing Manager duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Positively represents Neuro Harmony in the community or with insurance companies, clients, or with other businesses.
  2. Protects client confidentiality at all times according to ethics and protocol set forth by HIPAA as well as Neuro Harmony, LLC.
  3. Document all communication with clients or insurance companies. 
  4. Manages client and third-party billing expenses by updating clients on balances and third-party billing and correspondence as needed.
  5. Manages Patient Aging reports. Contacts clients and collects past due as needed or reports to Mid-state Collection Company.
  6. Manages Insurance Aging report monitoring claims for rejects and denials.
  7. Contacting insurance companies, correcting and resubmitting rejected or denied claims. 
  8. Must use the computer to research billing, claims, payments, rejections, denials, and insurance EOB's or ERA’s electronic remittances.
  9. Make bank deposits on a weekly basis.
  10. The Billing Manager is responsible for credentialing staff or contracting Neuro Harmony in other states or with other insurance companies. 
  11. Represent Neuro Harmony in a professional manner. All staff are to dress professionally. Dressy professional clothing is expected any day that clients will be in the office. Jeans and casual wear can be worn on Fridays if there are no clients in the office. 
  12. Must have a professional “positive attitude” and the ability to multitask
  13. Must maintain an organized workspace
  14. Necessary to be comfortable with a fast-paced environment
  15. Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite or Google Workspace
  16. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  17. Other duties may be assigned


Preferred Experience & Education:

  1. Associate degree or equivalent experience
  2. Medical billing experience desired
  3. Computer software skills


Preferred Characteristics:

  1. Flexibility as a team member.
  2. Organized
  3. Able to multitask in a busy environment
  4. Assertive but respectful to staff and clients
  5. Administratively inclined

Neuro Harmony is an Equal Opportunity Employer.